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Home depot vs. lowes

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

I just got a malier for Home Depot.   PREAPPROVED  (to apply)


Some good 0% deffered interest 6 to 18 months based on amount of purchase, by 10/15/2012


I may give it a try.

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

After I closed on my home I was denied from lowes with a 662 TU score in december.  Reapp'd in May denied again with similar score.  I decided to try HD and was approved for a $500 cl.  I did minor purchases on it and asked for a CLI two weeks ago.  They increased my limit to 2750 with an HP (don't really bother me that they did a hard pull since they increased my limit).  I also have two GECRB cards and Lowes just doesn't budge with me.  Now HD gets all my business and I am about to spend a good chunk on fencing product since they are holding a 0% promo for 18 months right now.

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

I have both cards, got them 2 years ago.  I've used both for the 0% financing offers.  From the financing side, I haven't seen much difference in either.  But, service in the store has me going to Lowe's more often than HD.  I think my Lowe's started @ $2500, and is now at $8000, with both auto CLIs and requested ones.  HD started @ $1500 and is now at $7000 - with both auto CLIs and requested.  Both stores do their extended 0% financing around holidays..either 18 or 24 months.  With Labor Day this week-end, both have financing promotions going.  Next holiday will be Columbus Day.  So, I've always planned my big purchases (appliances, building materials, etc) around those promotions.  And, I do like the 5% off in the store when using the Lowe's card.  I think both will grow with I recall, i got my auto CLIs when I was carrying a balance.

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

I use both HD and Lowes but I bought some flooring for my rennovation and got the promotional offer from Lowes 0% for 12 months.


It has been good to me since I buy in NH where there is not sales tax so I get the full 5% discount until i discoverd the 10% mil discount Smiley Happy


HD doesnt do these programs.

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

Well I called the backdoor number and they gave me a cli to 5000 . I probably should of asked for more but hell Im happy that my highest credit limit. The same day I did research and felt lucky and applied to a chase freedom which I also got  with a Cl of 2000. I've been working on my credit like crazy  to fix my credit and I'm finally seeing the rewards . I was around a 560 4 years ago with just ugly credit . This year I bought my first house and now getting nice credit cards . Befor e this all I had was 2 cap1 cards with 500 and 300 limit . Then the dreaded orchard with 300 .  This site has helped a lot so thank you !

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Re: Home depot vs. lowes

CS800 wrote:

Lowes should be easier to get since it;s a GE card. I have both close to my house but prefer lowes since with the card, you get he 5% off.


But with my military ID, I get 10% at Lowes.


I would agree with you that HD is harder to get. I have personally never tried for one.


I've always wondered but forgot to ask..did they give you the 10% off with Military ID PLUS 5% with the card??

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