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Household CLI


Household CLI

I called today requesting a CLI from Household.  I was told that the bank is not accepting CLI applications at this time.  Not that I was personally denied, but literally that the bank decided not to accept increase requests from anyone.  I am sure if it were available that I would have recieved one, as I have had the account for 10 years, pay in full every month, and never paid late.  Has anyone ever heard the banks doing this?  How long does this typically last?  I still haven't tried the backdoor number yet but maybe that will help?

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Re: Household CLI

they arent giving CLI's at this time unfortuantely.  they are citing the CARD act, but who knows for sure.  maybe before the end of the year they will start accepting CLI requests again?

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Re: Household CLI

Last I heard they were going to start offering them again in the fall. I highly doubt it though as the seasons keep getting pushed forward. I can't wait to kick HSBC to the curve due to this and their horrible 1-month slow reporting schedule.

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Re: Household CLI

i'll probably end up closing mine before the ridiculous AF comes due in november.

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Re: Household CLI

Household Bank has always been unpredictable to me.  I had a Platinum Elite Household card with a (lol) $305 credit limit that they closed on me due to 6 months inactivity, and I have a $1000 CL regular Household Visa with a $300 balance (I'd been paying off with a promo apr) that they just CLI to $1400 without my asking.

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Re: Household CLI

Last year I combined my 2 cards for a CL of $2740.


I got any automatic increase to $2940 in March or April.  I called to see if they'd 'round up' to $3000......a measly $60 increase....and was told  they couldn't increase my limit any further 'at this time' but my account would be reviewed for future increases.





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Re: Household CLI

They are the worst.  I have gotten two clis in 7 years.

Both came with hard inquiry.


They want your first born also.


27% interest.


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