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How Long for AU to post?

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How Long for AU to post?

Hi All,


I'm looking for Data Points as to how long it takes for an AU to post on a NFCU cc. Also, any tips for how to make sure the AU account posts as quickly as possible? I can definitely provide another data point that NFCU took 2 months to report my new CC. I applied at the end of September and it just reported this week. 


Scenario: I am paying down a $3000 debt on a joint account I have with my Mother. I want to lower her utilization by adding her to my new NFCU card while I pay the balance down. Will this new account negatively impact her in the same way a brand new primary account would? 


She actually just got a new credit card in September 2020, so I'm not as concerned about the new average age penalty. I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking any thing that could negatively impact her if I add her to my card. 



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Re: How Long for AU to post?

Should be reported at the next regular time your account is reported to the CRAs, this is assuming they report AUs.

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