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How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?


Chase Amazon Visa (use only for amazon purchase since I'm a prime member)

Chase Sapphire Preferred (got it for promotional sign up but will downgrade to regular sapphire before annual fee)

Chase Freedom (use for rotating categories 5% cash)

Capitol One Business Spark Cash (flat 2% cash back but only $5k limit)



Citi Diamond Preferred (18month 0% APR on $15k balance)

Citi Thank You ($500 CL card I can give to friends/family that I need to buy something for me)


American Express:

Business Platinum (heavily used prior to getting Plum card and need to keep in order to get the 20% back on points when booking travel with points so still worth the $450 annual fee)

Business Plum (main everything card, generally opting for the 1.5% but occasionally will take the extra 60 days)

Blue Cash (an older version that gives me 1.5% after spending 6k and 5% cash back on gas after $6k)



Discover It (only used when Discover has special promotions for things I am purchasing)

:Capital One Spark Business $45k:::Chase Sapphire Preferred $30k:::Chase Amazon Visa $3k:::American Express BC $10k:::Chase Ink Plus $15k:::American Express Business Plum:::American Express Business Platinum::Citi Thank You Preferred $50k:::City Simplicity $10k:::REI Visa $10k::Capital One Quicksilver $15k:::American Express EveryDay $10k:::Wells Fargo Platinum Cash Back $10k:

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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

I have 3 cards all with visa emblems.Would like to add just 3 or 4 more. A  mastercard, Discover card and maybe a CitiBank. Having $20K-$30K in credit card spending is more than enough for my day to day spending habits.

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NFCU Signature Cash Rewards Visa, Chase Freedom Visa, Wells Fargo Visa Secured
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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

teddybearkelli1 wrote:

32, but I manage them well and they all serve a purpose. (and this is considering that I just closed 5 this month)

I find that hard to believe...unless the purpose is to increase your CL max.

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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

2 credit cards:
Delta Community CU Visa
NFCU nRewards Visa

If NFCU offered an Amex I'd add that one. Penfed Amex may be an option but right now I'm happy with having two cards.
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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

Four as you can see in my sig.

Eventually I want the following:

Citi Forward

Chase Freedom

Amex Blue Cash Everday

Sallie Mae World Mastercard

Penfed Platinum Cash Rewards

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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

Main cards:

Chase Freedom Visa Signature - $14,300 CL (Primary use card)

Chase Sapphire Preferred World MasterCard - $10,000 CL

Citi Dividend World Elite MasterCard - $10,000 CL

USAA Platinum MasterCard - $9,000 CL

American Express Blue Cash Everyday - $8,300 CL

Discover IT - $4,500 CL


Retail Cards: Store Account - $6,400 CL (Hidden trade line) Store Account - $3,800 CL

AMEX Green Corporate - NPSL | AMEX Everyday - $54,800
Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa Infinite - $31,500 | Chase Freedom Visa Signature - $27,300 | Chase Marriott Visa Signature - $11,000
Best Buy (Citi) Card - $20,000 | USAA Platinum Visa - $26,000
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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

10, see Sig.


In February of this year i had 3, so 2013 has been quite the year for me adding:

Chase Amazon Rewards (Feb)

Citi ThankYou Premier (Feb)

Amex SPG (May)

Chase Freedom (May)

Chase Sapphire Preferred (May)

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (May)

Banana Republic Visa (June)


I'm also an AU on an Amex BCP.  I'm looking to add 2 more cards to my wallet before I call it quits, but that's after a few stints in the garden.  Amex Hilton HHonors (Nov) and Citi Hilton Reserve (February).


Goal is a total of 13 if you include the AU.

Chase Sapphire Preferred $12k | Chase Freedom $7k | Chase United MileagePlus Explorer $15k | Chase Hyatt Visa $11.8k | Chase Amazon Visa $3k | Citi TY Premier $8.5k | Amex SPG $13.5k | Amex HHonors $5k | Discover IT $9k | BofA Cash Rewards $6k | BofA BB Rewards $2.7k | Banana Republic Visa $3k
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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?


2 Amex

1 Signature Visa

1 Discover

4 Visa

4 MC

1 Walmart Store card that I don't really know if I ever want the Discover version of.


I really need to quit this habit!

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.....
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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

Too Many!!!

see below

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Re: How Many Credit Cards Do YOU have?

see below - 8 open and 1 closed

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