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How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

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How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

I am happily in the garden until May but am thinking about my plans for when that day comes. Unfortunately, I was not as strategic as I should have been when I last acquired new cards and have a lot of poorly allocated spend.


Two cards I'd like to get this year are the AMEX Hilton Ascend (I travel frequently and usually stay at Hilton properties) and the Blue Cash Preferred (6% on groceries). Will AMEX approve two revolvers in the same day or, will I need to space out the apps? And, if they do need to be spaced out, what is the length of time? TIA

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Re: How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

5 days in between
Gardening till 12/2019!

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Re: How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

Great. Thank you

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Re: How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

Actually, they aren’t very stringent on this rule. Early December I was approved for the Cash Magnet and Everyday cards literally about an hour apart. I wasn’t an AmEx member, and only had 1 other credit card at the time. I say give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen?

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Re: How Many Simultaneous AMEX Revolver Apps?

 Why would you consider the Blue Cash Preferred? The main reward on that card is Grocery spend, which the Gold already has covered. Gold has a higher cap of $25,000 on groceries, and you are already working on the AF for Gold. BCP has its own $95 AF.


The Ascend also has a Grocery category, but Ascend makes more sense as a travel card, since you stay at Hiltons, and it brings in airline lounge access as a feature included in the AF. If you are looking for gas rewards, use the Hilton for gas to get the 6 Hilton points, easily equivalent value (more likely more value) to BCP 3% on gas.


Which categories are you using the Cash+ for?


Your Discover also covers three months each year of now  Smiley Wink

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