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How come I don't have any Pre-approvals?

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Re: How come I don't have any Pre-approvals?

About two weeks ago I used the opt-out number to get myself opt-out for 5 years. Right now I'm more than good with the Freedom and Amex BC to last me another few years. I got both of these cards with about 1.2 years of credit history. My luck might have ran out applying for Cap1 PP card. Oh well I think I need to garden for a year away. 


Sometimes it's better not to get these things in the mail because it can temp you into applying for cards you don't need. And with 4 cards your better off not getting them.

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Re: How come I don't have any Pre-approvals?

praise123 wrote:
I am not getting any Pre-approvals on the mail. I had a app spree in June and got about 4 new cards. I am wandering how come cc company are not offering me anything. My FICO says my score is 639.

You've just taken a score hit due to inqs and new accounts showing on your reports. I would concentrate on letting those four cards age and waiting for your scores to rise. I wasn't getting very good offers when my scores were comparable to yours. It's only been in the last few months that I've started to receive offers from better lenders. Right now, gardening is your best friend.

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