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How does the pre approved at check out work exactly

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How does the pre approved at check out work exactly

I was at Vicky Secret online buying a new bra and decided to add a few things into my cart to get the total damage for possible future purchase (depending on total damage).  The preapproved box popped up for $250 which covered the bra so I figured why not I already dinged my score with apping what is one more, at least my dings are consolidated within 30 days.  The cart would not let me delete the other items.  So I clicked final checkout thinking the system would reject my purchase since it was over CC limit and I could then edit down to just the bra.  Instead it accepted the whole purchase.  Oops.


My question is: when preapproved is that not a definite approval for a definite credit line? Because this experience tells me that would not be the case.  Or does it depend on the bank backing the card?


I am gardening until fall of next year.  I am just curious if anyone knows - next year I plan on apping for an Amazon and a Chase entry level card to replace my Cap One and Orchard Bank cards if I can get my scores high enough and keep my uti down.  I have uti issues.  They should make a uti 12 step program. Just kidding.


My goal is not to amass a lot of cards.  Just targeted cards for the stores I primarily shop at and one good bank non rebuilder CC.  Is the entry level Chase card considered prime?  My auto loan is through Chase and will be paid off early next summer so I thought when the time comes I would app Chase.

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