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How long should I wait to app for CLI?

New Contributor

How long should I wait to app for CLI?

I've been compiling a list so I know how long to wait for a CLI request from each of my cards. Can some people please check my work and perhaps clarify a few things? It seems like there is a lot of variability and I'm not sure if that's due to how recently the card was opened in different anecdotes or what exactly. I've linked to different threads I'm pulling my info from to provide sources.



     30-90 days

     60 day sweet spot for max CLI?

     Denial doesn't reset clock




     60-180 days if approved last time (which is it?)

     90 days if denied last time

     Apping for 1 card resets the clock for all AmEx cards




     90-180 days

     Or is it whenever a SP CLI is available? (as shown by this)

     Does a denial reset the clock?




     60-180 days (which is it?)

     Almost always a HP (TU?)

     Is there an auto CLI after 120 days?



US Bank

     181 days?

     Almost always a HP

     Denial doesn't reset clock?

     Maybe SP if $1500 or less?



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