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How many apps on your app spree? :)

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How many apps on your app spree? :)

I just finished going on my first app spree! I was 5/5 on Capital One Platinum, Discover It, Chase Freedom, BofA Cash Rewards, and Citi Diamond Preferred. I'm suffering from post app remorse, BUT I've been rebuilding with a secured card for the last year and a half so it feels good to finally have decent cards Smiley Happy


How many apps do you do on your app sprees and how much do you think is too much?

TU: 767 (11/04/2013) | EQ: 714 (5/13/2013) | EX: 717 (11/09/13) |

Discover $12k | Chase Freedom $5k | Citi TY Preferred $4.8k | Bofa Cash Rewards $3.9k | Cap1 Quicksilver $2k | Walmart $2k | Macys $700
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I just did my first real app spree a few weeks ago. I did 5 cards: citi forward, discover IT, boa travel, and barclays upromise. 


all my other apps were spread out over around a month when I first started my credit journey. 


I would say, a heavy app spree of 10+ might be too much (depending on your profile). those inqs add up and you'll prob end up being denied for the last couple. 

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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I tend to keep my spree between 2-4 cards then hit the garden for 6 months so after 2 years  

I have INQ's falling off in bunches every 6 months

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

Congratulations on your approvals - nicely done!


I've only done one app spree and that was last November.  And actually, I applied for 1 card and then waited a week and then applied for 2 more.  Not sure why I didn't do them all in the same day, but I think originally I only wanted to app for one and then a week later I figured might as well get a couple more if I can.

FICOs: TU08 850 EQ08 850 EX08 849

My Wallet: Amex Gold NPSL; Amex Optima Platinum $25K; Amex BCE $12K; BofA Visa $10.1K; BofA TR Visa $18K; Cap1 Quicksilver Visa Sig $10K; CSP $28.2K; Chase Freedom $13K; Citi Costco Visa $19.3K; Citi Double Cash $13.5K; Citi Simplicity Visa $23.3K; Discover IT $50K; Fidelity Amex $25K; PenFed Plat Rewards Visa Sig $50K; Sallie Mae WMC $17.5K; Sears MC $10.1K; US Bank Cash+ Visa Sig $26K; Walmart Discover $10K; Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Sig $14K
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I usually do 3-4 at a time but in March I did 5 plus refi'd my car- In Sept, I'll probably do 4 CSP, BCE, ARRIVAL and one more.
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I think the largest spree I had was 4 or 5 apps...

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I typically go 1-3 at a time. If I'm denied, I stop apping then and there, if approved, that means the green light to app for whatever card I think I would qualify for. Speaking of which, I've got one app planned for tommorow, and then I'm done for the next couple of years. Just do 2-3 apps every 6 months or so until you get the cards you want, then go into the garden...and don't apply for anything

Bank of America: Cash Rewards.- 4.2k. 4/25/12 (CLI Increase 6/15/13, CLI May of 2015, sept 2015), Citi: Forward- 4.5k. 10/27/12 (CLI on 2/8/14, SP, CLI on 9/26/15 sp). Discover: More- 7k, 10/27/12 (Increase 6/1/14, CLI in May of 2015, SP 9/2015) Amex: PRG- NPSL (closed 12/13/13). 11/24/12. Chase: Freedom. 5/1/13- 5k (EX CLI HP 9/2015) Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.-3.6k. 6/15/13. Amex BCE-2k. 12/7/13. Amex SPG-5k 12/8/13 (CLI on 9/2015) Capital one VentureOne Visa Signature-10k (9/6/15). Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard-4K. Last App: 9/6/15. Total cl: 45,300
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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I just finished up an app spree with 3 apps, 2 of which were planned (Citi Simplicity and PayPal Extras MC) and the 3rd being a store card (JCP) I applied for on a whim in-store.


In the past, I did one with 8 approvals (3 denials). I definitely don't think I'd ever do that again, but as my credit is really young, it gives me a solid base to build with for AAOA. 

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Re: How many apps on your app spree? :)

I did 7. Kinda overdid it though.

I apped for Amex BCP, CSP, Freedom, Cash+, Arrival, Thank You Preferred and Discover. Declined for BCP and everything else approved.

Hoping to apply for BCP, Thank You Premier end of this year, and maybe an Amex charge card as well. 

Anyone got any suggestions? Smiley Happy

JPMorgan Palladium (100k), AmEx Platinum (NPSL), AmEx SPG (46k), AmEx BCP (42k), Chase Sapphire Preferred (47k), Citi Prestige (31k), Citi Thank You Preferred (27k), Citi Executive AAdvantage (25k), JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton (21k), Merrill+ (15k), US Bank Cash+ (22.5k), Wells Fargo (12k), Bloomingdale’s (12.4k), Chase Freedom (5k), Discover IT (5k).
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