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How much credit will a lender extend over your income?

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Re: How much credit will a lender extend over your income?

CruzImperial wrote:

Aww, something went wrong and my post didn't actually post lol


The 25K no income verification is generally for a single CC. After that, lenders like Amex and US.Bank among others, require proof of income/assets to grant you more credit.

USAA among other generous lenders out there may give us 10K CL based on the same file and income someone else may only give out 3K with.


When talking about total CL with a specific lender, since lenders have their own scoring models and handle limits differently, each of them will have a different internal limit for us. Chase is known for turning down applications even with good files because people have reached the max credit limit in the systems. As most people don't like wasting an inquiry, they transfer limits from their other Chase cards to the new one.


My highest CL is 6K on my BCP with $25K income so that would be about 24% of my income with one Amex CC. I'm waiting for another promotion at the end of the year and in 6 months, I will see how much credit they are willing to grant to someone having what is considered as low income.


Expected income will be about 35K by then and the 3CLI I will request will be about half of that.

Would they give me the full 18K? I hardly see that happening x)


Time to ask! 62 days not 6 months... for first card... did I just see next post is you talking about another card... i slid back up and started writing this then thinking maybe...  LOL

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