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How often to charge to keep CC open?

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Re: How often to charge to keep CC open?

I usually go into Best Buy once or twice year to make a purchase in significant amount ($500+). I would prefer to only use the card for those purchases...I guess I could buy a movie or one of my favorite TV series every 3-6 mos since I will want to watch them now, on the 55" with home theater (LOL!). :-) On the old 60" gigantic dinosaurus box TV, I would only watch the news and short sitcoms and listen to my electronica while I cleaned the house as the sound quality was good, but the screen quality was poor. It now sits in the so called "Mother-In-Law" Room of the new house. They call it that because it has its own bathroom with its own walk in shower. My son's bedroom shares a Jack and Jill bedroom has his bed, etc., the other room is his playroom with indoor basketball hoop, easel, etc.
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