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How selective - Chase Freedom

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Re: How selective - Chase Freedom

I wasn't instantly approved but not denied at all and called the recon line before I got their letter looking for verification. I only have 2yrs of history, no baddies, no bk, and no prior credit card history (I was approved for their amazon visa a couple of days before I applied.)

Current Score: EQ FICO (07/27/2012): 687 (08/01/2012): 688, EX (07/27/2012): 696, TU(07/27/2012: 667 (08/06/2012): 712
Goal Score: 700+

In my wallet: Chase Amazon Rewards Visa ($1300), Capital One Rewards ($300), Chase Freedom ($500), Discover More Student ($1000), Citi Forward student ($2000)

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