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How soon is too soon for a (CITI) CLI?

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How soon is too soon for a (CITI) CLI?

I just recently (a month ago) got a Citi Divdends card with a $3000 limit.  


This quarter the card will give back 5% on electronics.  I want to take advantage of the cash back and buy quite a bit of stuff and I could pay it off over 3-6 months (I have a year of zero% financing).


I hate to seem irresponsible or impatient, but I would really like an increase, even if it is temporary. Is it too soon to ask Citi for a CLI? They probably wont consider it since it is doubtful my income has changed since the card was only opened a month ago.


I think I would like it increased another $1000 to $1500.

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Re: How soon is too soon for a (CITI) CLI?

Six months and not a moment sooner for them. You can try, but I doubt you will get anywhere. Maybe try sending in a payment so that you will have a balance and can overspend.

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Re: How soon is too soon for a (CITI) CLI?

That's too bad (well for me).


I live abroad so a lot of the quarterly deals dont apply to me (movie theater tickets, gas, department stores) but I was really hoping to get all I could out of this one.


I'll try the early payment.  5% cashback on big ticket items is too much to pass up.

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