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How to cancel CreditOne Bank Credit Card?

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How to cancel CreditOne Bank Credit Card?

Hi all - I just received my card in the mail a few days ago and have not yet activated it. I would like to cancel this card and know what is the best way. CreditOne's FAQ page on their website shows the following:


"What will happen if I don't activate my new credit card?
You'll be unable to use your new credit card for purchases or other transactions until you activate it by calling our toll-free activation number. Additionally, your account may be automatically closed if your card is not activated within 14 days after receipt."

My concern is that I believe that the company already charged me for the $75 annual fee because my myFICO report posted the $75 balance. Does this mean that I still have to pay them this AF even if I have not activated the card? I guess the best way is to speak with one of their CSR and get them to tell me but I wanted to ask you all as well. Please help and thank you in advance!
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Re: How to cancel CreditOne Bank Credit Card?

IF you have just received it, I would call them ASAP and request that they waive the fee and close the account. The worst they can say is no...I would need about 10 "no's" before I stop calling.

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Re: How to cancel CreditOne Bank Credit Card?

Call to cancel. If it's been less than 30 days since the charge, I believe they must refund the AF by law.

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Re: How to cancel CreditOne Bank Credit Card?

Call to cancel. Even when the card is not activated credit one would ask for annual fee. If cancel immediately then they might have to refund the fee.

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