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How to pay a credit card?

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Re: How to pay a credit card?

@aclockworkgeorge wrote:

from what i can tell, and im no expert, but you can spend more than 9% or 27 bucks, but as long as you pay it down before the statement date to less than 10%, itll look good on your credit report. 


and after that, its best to pay in full every month. those are pretty much the steps everyone recommends to increase your credit score.


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Re: How to pay a credit card?

@BrokeBandit wrote:

So if I get this right:

  • I can use a card as much as I want each month however I should make frequent payments each month to keep the balance down.
  • A few days before the statement cuts, pay it down to 9% or lower.
  • As soon as the statement cuts, pay the remaining current balance in full.

And it's the statement cut date I need to be aware of, and not the last business day of the month?


Thanks again!

You got it!

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