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Hughes federal Credit Union

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Hughes federal Credit Union

Has anyone tried this CU in tucson arizona?

*22 Years Old* Started my credit at age 19
Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature- $9,200 II TFCU - $2,500 II Amex BCE - $2,400 II Paypal Extras Mastercard - $7,600 II American Eagle VISA - $3300 II Best Buy Visa - $3,000 II Chase Slate - $500
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Re: Hughes federal Credit Union

CarlosC88 wrote:
Has anyone tried this CU in tucson arizona?

I do all of my banking with them and they have been freaking awesome compared to Chase. The only credit product that I have is a car loan even though the girl opening my accounts pushed for more. When you join it is a hard pull on EX, but any credit applications will use the same pull for 90 days. As long as you have good credit they are fantastic to deal with. I actually plan on applying for a credit card and a general line of credit with them sometime next year. If your looking for a local credit union it's pretty much between Hughes and Vantage West. 


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