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Hw long does it take to show up ?

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Re: Hw long does it take to show up ?

it's very busy at the center, last i heard they were "hot seating" beds.
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Re: Hw long does it take to show up ?

MsQueenB wrote:

Just to deviate a wee bit: everyone's talking about high card limits to help their scores. BUT, do lenders, in particular mortgage lenders, see all those cards with high limits (total 86k) as potential DEBT??? Forgive me if it sounds like a stupid question but I'm going to sell my house shortly and I've never had so many credit cards before. Although they all have very low balances for now, I don't want the next bank to deny me a loan because they think I have too much credit!

I better check back into the sleigh center. Hope my bed's still available!Smiley Sad

MsQueen, I've heard of a mortgage lender asking borrowers to lower their credit limits to make the underwriters happy. If you have good cards, and it sounds like you do, supposedly your CCC's will temporarily drop the CL's and then put them back after the mortgage goes through. Worth a call to a good CSR, as opposed to the 18-year-old gum-snappers featured at other locations.
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