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I could not resist..

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Re: I could not resist..

Congrats.  Now garden.  Smiley Very Happy

July 2017
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Re: I could not resist..

mike1789 wrote:

Well let me start off by saying i only have a credit history of about 6 months. I started off with a secured loan 6 months ago. I applied for a secured cc at about 3 months in. On August 2nd i decided to test my luck, so I applied for the BOA platinum visa, and i got approved for $900. The very next day i applied (and was approved) for the Chase Freedom ($700), Chase Sapphire(5k), and Chase Marriott(5k). I was forced to garden because of the bonus offers. I was trying so hard to not apply for more cards during the past couple weeks (about 4),and Today i could no longer resist Smiley Sad. I applied for the AMEX SPG rewards card and was instantly approved Smiley Very Happy. I am so extremely stoked at the moment Smiley Very Happy Just thought I would share my recent sucess in the past month Smiley Happy

Nice going! and welcome to the Amex Family!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: I could not resist..

Thanks everyone! Smiley Happy

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