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I don't see many Walmart to Walmart Discover upgrade.

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Re: I don't see many Walmart to Walmart Discover upgrade.

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Many lenders use TU08.
My TU08 matches what Amex/Barclay's/ and GE themselves use. Ive seen it on my approval for Amex and Barclay's.

I wish I could use this card for gas, but isn't Walmart has bad for your car? Or have I fallen victim to a myth? Lol

I still only use this card at Walmart. The rewards suck, but once I grad- if I need a big azz new tv or something big- I will use to take advantage of 0% !! I love the cashback feature too. I use that for a $100-200 a month and pay NO fees. Then pif !
Another advantage to this card is the generous limit.

Hey, if they won't upgrade you...ask for a $10k limit. Credit is there to serve you.

I got my upgrade on the 26th month. I remember that faitful summer afternoon after a drunken nap. Lmao.

Good luck!👍👍😄

About the TU08, that's (not many lenders use TU08 but TU04 because TU04 is hard on consumers compared to TU08) what I read. Glad you have use for it Smiley Happy Once I'm out of the garden, I might go for this one if no other candidates (Cash+ is another candidate at the moment). I want to enjoy 60" 3D LED TV, hehehe.


Congra on the upgrade!

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