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I fell off the no-app wagon

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Re: I fell off the no-app wagon

BungalowMo wrote:

I fell off the wagon yesterday & apped for a Citi card.  Got the denial just now.  Smiley Sad


(we need a crying-in-the-beer icon)


Would the backdoor Citi # be the way to go here?  I had a car loan they took over a few years ago & was NEVER late!  That should count for something!!!  



One question....I went to that Alliant CU website...what score is that that they give you??  That's not a FICO is it??

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Oucch! that had to hurt. That was a hard fall. Now all you need is a nice advil.



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Re: I fell off the no-app wagon

It gets worse...I tried the backdoor # & got absolutely NO offer for another type card!


She basically read what was already in the email & told me I can get  my CR from Experian...bla bla. Then I can tell them if any thing is wrong.


I told her the only thing wrong is their scoring system.

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Starting Score: 02/2015 TU 709 - EQ 676 - EX 729
Current Score: 12/2017 TU 779 - EQ 779 - EX 782
Goal Score: 850

Bury me in the garden...last app 07.27.17

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