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I <3 GE

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Re: C

I am officially a GE groupie.  They just gave my smartconnect account a $1500 increase. $1800 from $300 , Amazon account $600 to $900 , and denied my Walmart, I think it because i have made no purchases on it. So I am going buy something today ,and apply again  in dec, Jan.  I am going stay in garden at least to march when my baddie falls off.

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Re: I <3 GE

ReBuildingAgn wrote:

Called Customer service to ask for a CLI on my Rooms to Go card. Asked for 1K and poof it happened! Totally should have asked for more, but I'll give them another call in a few months Smiley Happy Brought my RTG limit to 4K. Now it's my highest limit!



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Re: I <3 GE

Thanks everyone!
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Re: I <3 GE

Yay! GONGRATS on the CLI.


I had never heard of Rooms2Go until I read your post! Man they have nice stuff on the website but the store isn't on the West coast... Smiley Sad

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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