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I'm kinda in love with Capital One right now!!

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Re: I'm kinda in love with Capital One right now!!

AwwwYeee wrote:

First of, I'm rebuilding my credit from stupid mistakes as a kid. I've had a secured card with them for about 6 months now. About 3-4 weeks ago I was approved for a Journey card and QuicksilverOne card.  With low limits Journey was $500 and QS1 $300.  I asked for a CLI when I first got them. They only increased my Journey by $100 but nothing for the QS1.  I read alot of ppl getting success through facebook.  So I chatted with them last thursday and someone gave me a call, they couldnt do any increases cause theyre both new accounts.  I asked if i could PC any of them to a travel card, so they said we'll call you back to see what they can do.  Today some nice lady called me and said "Were able to convert your Journey to a VentureOne Visa Platinum card!!" I'm so stoked since you need excellent credit for that and I'm nowhere near excellent credit.  I asked if i can still get the sign up bonus but she said she cant since its a product change and not a new account. But said she was gonna give me 5000 courtesy miles!! I'll take it.  Hopefully I can ask someone else to give me the bonus miles plus a credit limit increase since can't really do anything with a $600 limit.  Thanks to this forum I never thought I'd be able to get credit again but reading everyones stories gave me confidence again!

Congrats on your success Smiley Happy WTG

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