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I'm so HAPPY :')

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Re: I'm so HAPPY :')

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Re: I'm so HAPPY :')

2FixMyCredit wrote:

LS2982 wrote:

Your credit journey has begun!!

Ah it has huh?! Smiley Very Happy I am ready for the ride! 


She told me they are very generous with the CLI as well and they may automatically do it within 30 days ! Insane! If they don't I probably won't request one until the 6month to a year mark. 


Does anyone know how long it normally takes them to report? 

When I got my BOA 123 card it actually reported before I even received the card in the mail. Smiley Very Happy Congrats btw, Excellent work on the persistence!

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Re: I'm so HAPPY :')

So glad to hear that knowledge and persistence paid off for you!

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Re: I'm so HAPPY :')

How did you get to speak to the CEO

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Re: I'm so HAPPY :')

Congrats on getting your card....that first step is always the hardest. Take care of it and before you know it banks will be throwing cards at you!!! 

As you can see below......Less than two years ago I had only a single secured card after trashing my credit in 2008. 

Congrats again and keep us posted. 

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