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I paid off and closed PayPal Smart Connect today

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Re: I paid off and closed PayPal Smart Connect today

Don't lose hope.  In this thread I said above that they would never budge on my $700 CL.  Recently I hit the button and got an increase to over a thousand or 2 thousand (I can't even remember - that's how much I care about Paypal Smart Connect - it's  a placeholder in my credit report, expanding my available credit.)  I was shocked, though.  I was about to close the card but I won't now.


The way I use it is just to buy little things on Ebay now and then and pay the bill promptly.  I certainly don't need $1,000+ of credit with them but I'm glad to have it now..


I just checked - it's $2,200 and was $700 a few weeks ago.  No increases over a year of two of trying and then a sudden large increase.

Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.
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Re: I paid off and closed PayPal Smart Connect today

gbishere wrote:

huh? why are you talking to a rep? just do it online and its clockwork every 4 statements...

 Ha ha ha, I've had mine just about a year, used it a lot for the first 7 months PIF every month started with a 500CL, hit the luv button after every 4th statement posted, they gave me a 125CLI  over 4 months ago, hit the luv button last week I believe and got a letter in the mail a week later that said "You do not have enough experience at your current CL" LOL Really?????????????


Hey GEMB Look at my Scores/Reports my AAoA's are over 7 yrs on all 3, 1% util, 43,750 Total revolving credit, perfect credit reports and GEMB will not trust me with more than a 625CL???


Its funny how some CCC's love you and some will hate you, like AmEx loves me, I have 4 AmEx CC's BoA loves me, card opened 5/11 5000 starting CL had the card 3 months, ran one purchase thru it (1749.26 PIF before the due date) asked for a 5000CLI, instant approval, but GEMB, I can't get a dime from them. GEMB hates me, it's that simple.

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