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I reached out to NASA FCU. Their response back...

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I reached out to NASA FCU. Their response back...

I reached out to NASA FCU over the weekend inquiring about membership, credit cards, and requirement if someone has a BK... Here's their response back to me from the credit lending team. They will be on my radar in 2 yrs when all my inquiries are off all three reports as well as DCU, and have gardened some. Hope this is helpful to those rebuildingSmiley Happy.....



"Thank you for contacting Nasa Federal.

1.When applying for a loan with Nasa Federal, we pull a hard credit report from Experian. In addition, when an account is opened, I believe a soft pull is used from your credit report.



2.If bankruptcy has been filed. There must be at least 2 yrs.of re- establishment for unsecured credit and 1yr. for secured credit.



3/4.Credit Scores vary because we look at different factors to determine if you qualify.


Please contact us, if you have any additional questions or concerns at 301.249.1800 x400. Thank You, Consumer Lending"

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