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I shouldn't have apped. *sigh*

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Re: I shouldn't have apped. *sigh*

lithium78 wrote:
I decided to app for the Comenity Total Rewards Visa because I really enjoy going to Las Vegas and they gave me a $1500 limit. I called and they increased it to $2700, but that's still my lowest credit limit. I am really, really disappointed in myself that I pretty much wasted a hard pull. $2700 doesn't buy much of anything for a serious vacation. I am going into the garden for the next year.

Congrats on your approval!!  I opened this card myself in June, but I didn't app.  I got a pre approval pop-up for 2k after signing up for a TR account.  I hit the love button after the 2nd statement cut for ***** and giggles and got bumped up to 2500.

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Re: I shouldn't have apped. *sigh*

I'm sorry if this thread sounds a little whiny to people on the board who are rebuilding. I'm just a little upset, because I've spent more than seven years rebuilding my credit and I have much higher CLs on other cards, so it was really disappointing to get a limit that was so much lower. I understand that Comenity is a conservative lender, but I have double the CL on Discover and that's a really conservative lender.

I'm grateful that I've made progress to the point where I can app for a prime card like Total Rewards and get it, but it reminds me that I still have a long way to go.

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