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I think I screwed up!

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I think I screwed up!

Pulled my credit reports this morning and was disappointed because I havn't gotten the bump I thought I'd get after paying off credit cards---but 2/4 still havn't reported zero balance.


But, I noticed that an account I'm listed as an AU on is still reporting. I've called Juniper about this a few times and was told each time that the CRA's had to update it (1st call was over a year ago). So I called EQ this morning about it and they tell me it's Juniper who hasn't taken me off--chances are a "glitch" wouldn't be showing the same on all 3 reports. So I call Juniper again and this time they confirm my name was never removed from the ex's account!! Now I'm miffed and I let them know it! The ex has been using this card more and it's hitting my util. Thank goodness it's in good standing though.


Decision made----Juniper is a disorganized mess and it's time it goes in the sock drawer! Out of exasperation and the need to replace the CL from the Juniper card, I apped for a Chase Freedom card. Impulse action. It'll probably be denied because I have a BK from 2003 on my report.


Maybe I need a 12 step program....

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3/19/08: TU-649, EQ-676, EX-656
5/7/08: TU-653, EQ-651, EX-706
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3/25/09: TU-675, EQ-668
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Re: I think I screwed up!

Have you disputed on all 3 reports?
We gave up the fight and filed BK in 2010. Smiley Sad
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