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I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

Hi Mo,


This is a friendly reminder to be supportive and respectuful. I know that you want to prevent members from walking that long road of credit repair and and rebuilding that so many of us have had to take, but making unfounded assumptions about another members age, motivations, and prospects of longterm success or failure, based upon nothing more than their screen name & desire for a particular credit card isn't really a practical way of doing that. Just as if theboy had asked about Discover More, Amex Green, Chase Freedom, NFCU Cash Rewards, Target Redcard, or any other of the multitude of cards that we trade info on here, we can give the requested information about the card, our experiences, our recommendations without rushing to a hasty judgment about the individual that may not (probably doesn't) reflect reality.


Friendly, Supportive & Respectful

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

Thank you LilMirth...I totally understand your comments and concerns.  This was a first and a last.



To the OP...It was never my intention to be judgemental.  I apologize if I came across that way.  I just like to do what I can to assist others from fallinginto a bad spot, which is why I suggested a bank cc...or even a CU card.  The limits, rewards and potential growth can be quite favorable.


Whatever you decide, we are all here to help everyone with any credit issues....myself included.


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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

To: Theboy


I applied for a Hooterscard online in 2/2009 with scores: EQ 610 EX ???  TU 627.  They (Merric Bank) only pulled TU.  They gave me the initial "your application is in process blah blah blah", so im thinking automatic rejection.  I waited 24hrs then called to check the status.  They said they wanted to confirm my identity and by me calling saved them some time.  I was approved for $500.  I, like you eat there a lot and I think its a pretty decent card.  Like "BungalowMo" said you might want to check the fine print, but overall I am satisfied with there customer service and card.  Hope that helped.

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

I got the same message as you. I called in to check the status and they asked me some q's. I got approved for $600 and my husband got approved for $1750.



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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

Thanks Everyone I love this Forum and everyone on here to me it's like a big family!!!!!



To the person that recieved 600 limit and husband 1750 limit what was your scores?



                                          Thanks Again



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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

theboy wrote:
Yes, I may be young. probably one of the youngest person on this forum. Just because i'm young doesn't mean i'm careless. I've been reading these forums since march and took my credit score from a 564-651 transunion in less than 4 months. I like reading the topics people post, because its educational and keeps me in line when it comes to my credit. Getting a credit card to impress my friends is actually a waste of my time......I'll do that when I buy my first house with my AMAZING credit. I only inquired about a hooters card because I like to eat there and go there alot. And as for my SN theboy: is actually in reference to my son.

Hooters is pretty darn expensive. I wish I had that much free money to fritter away.


My opinion in general: 

People who charge a lot of meals on credit cards always kinda freaked me out, unless you are getting a cash back or something-cash or debit-unless its a definite special occasion, I know simply too many people that charge their meal, overspend 'cause it is going on the card, then actually pay minimum payments where they pay interest and hold a balance for months on the overspending.......AND WHAT THEY OVERSPENT ON WAS EXCRETED INTO A TOILET 12 HOURS AFTER BEING EATEN.

The Hooters card has some aspects that make it a road to rebuilding card. It does have terms that may or may not serve you well. You need to see if it will be a good aquisition for what you are trying to accomplish.


If you learn anything from these forums it should be that you should make your decisions about money and credit after much thinking and being based on facts and information. Doing anything else can lead you astray, and cause a lot of problems and heartache down the road.

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

upper 600s almost 700s for me and mid 600s for my husband. I have a higher credit uti than my husband so he got the better credit line.
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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

I say if its a card that you want....go for it. I received my Hooters card in the mail a few days ago. I have never set foot in a Hooters but that is besides the point. It will serve my purpose and if you are going to use the card when going into this place and also pay on time, then it will serve your purpose as well.


Good luck and when you apply and get your card, let us all know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, I think the card is SOOOOOOOOO UGLY!!!! But that is my opinion.......

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Re: I want a Hooters Card Bad!!!

I got the Hooters card a little more than a year and a half ago, primarily to increase my available credit and so I could have an account to put my then 16 year old son on as an AU.  The interest rate isn't that great, but they gave me $5K CL, which I am sure helped boost my score.  At the time, my TU was in the 640 - 650 range.  My salary was high, which may be the reason I was approved.  


They do offer rewards benefits, especially if you use the card to pay for a meal at Hooters.  As long as you PIF, having this card is likely worth it.   

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