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If at first you don't succeed...Call, call again.

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If at first you don't succeed...Call, call again.

So I just got off the phone with a CSR at Fidelity. I experienced a phenomena that fascinates me everytime I experience it, whether it is with a Fidelity CSR, BofA CSR, Citibank CSR or even an AmEx or Discover CSR.

I began to type out the long story, but in order to keep you awake, I'll make it short. Over the past week I have made 6 phone calls to Fidelity CSRs (Who are almost always helpful and very knowledgeable).

The first call was to inquire whether I would be able to buy an investment even though I didn't have the minimum amount required. He said that it wasn't a problem, they just needed to override the system and that they did it all the time.

So I proceed to transfer my money to Fidelity cash account and call in to get them to do their override thing and they tell me that they can't do it. I hang up. I call back again, same response. I then ask to speak to a supervisor. He says they can't do it.

I then call back AGAIN. Same response.

Then I remembered my several recon calls to BofA after being denied for a credit card and how nonchalant the guy was that actually approved me for it...and gave me the maximum CL for the card...

I call one more time. Not only was she helpful and able to do it. But she didn't even mention the fact that she was doing anything special!

So just a reminder, the system is workable. These people are all different. To some being a CSR is a way to help people, not just a job. They have good and bad days and their willingness to help you will vary. So if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
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Re: If at first you don't succeed...Call, call again.

99% true.

thanks for sharing the story.

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