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Impressed with Capitol One!

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Re: Impressed with Capitol One!

jsucool76 wrote:

webhopper wrote:

jsucool76 wrote:




GO GATORS Smiley Very Happy 


Sorry, that is all. 

Ha, don't get me started.  I will refrain from being juvenile. ...  Gators make good Tiger Bait don't you think?


I wish a credit card company offered College Alumni Credit Cards.  I would like one for my alum. I actually transferred to a different school my sophomore year. I graduated in 4.5 yrs, which is great considering that I had a baby and I transferred to a school that did things on the quarter system.

Some do. I know tinu got a UCF Alumni CC from BoA...I played the "Go Gators" game there too. 


Some offer cards for programs too, for instance, my sister got an offer from BoA for a special education association visa sig card (she's an education major). 




"* Apply for your own LSU Alumni Association MasterCard® credit card with WorldPoints® rewards. Choose the rewards that are right for you. Redemption options include unlimited cash rewards, airline travel with no blackout dates, brand-name merchandise, gift cards – even once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to support LSU while earning rewards for yourself with everyday purchases."


Chase offers the UF one. Smiley Very Happy



I'm an Alumni of Louisiana Tech University, however, I never got into the football much while I was there due to school, baby, 3 jobs.

LA Tech does not offer a Credit Card at this time.  Boo!

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Re: Impressed with Capitol One!

I totally agree with the "skin in the game" concept. My husband and I are both faculty members at a Big Ten school and our biggest perk is 75% off tuition. Needless to say I've told both my kids that they are going to school here, it just makes financial sense for them. We've saved $$ in a 529a and will just almost be able to swing the whole four years, but I anticipate each one having to take out about ~10k in loans. This keeps them engaged in the process and hopefully instills responsability in them. My gola is that they don't get completly overwhelmed by loans (like I did, making stupid choices in grad school).


Also Ray I love to hear nice things about Minnesota colleges, I'm a proud U of M grad myself Heart

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