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Improving my 682 score

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Improving my 682 score

What credit card can I apply to raise my credit limit. Currently, I am at 682 for Experian. I am looking at citi double cash but too scared to get rejected. 

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Re: Improving my 682 score

Is this an Experian FICO 8 score?  Keep in mind that Citi will sometimes pull other bureaus as well, often Equifax.  If all of your scores are just shy of 700, depending on what the rest of your profile looks like and how much recent credit you've applied for, an approval is certainly possible.

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Re: Improving my 682 score

Hi and welcome to the forums @Rikapov315 


Before we start talking about cards and recommending cards, what makes you think a new account will raise your score?

Depending on the nature of your problem,  a new card may not be needed.  It would also help us determine if credit cards forum, or perhaps scoring would get you better responses 

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Re: Improving my 682 score

I am not experienced enough to be able to answer your question, so it’s best to wait for more knowledgeable members to come along for help. I would advise though that they will be unable to help unless they have more information, so while waiting I encourage you to help them by listing what you currently have on your credit reports, whether the score you listed is a true fico score or a vantage score from Credit Karma, etc.  They would also need to know if you have any lates on any of your accounts, charge offs or anything else derogatory.  Also, what is the oldest account you have on your bureaus and the average age of your accounts if you know?  If you currently have any credit cards on your credit reports, what is your utilization % ?  The more detailed you are, the better they will be able to provide feedback.  Welcome to the forum, this is a wonderful group of people who willingly share their experience and will gain fantastic info here.  Good luck!🤞🏼

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