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In a pinch w/finances---OneMain Financial/Firestone

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Re: In a pinch w/finances---OneMain Financial/Firestone

I know super old thread... but have anyone used them lately? I have Firestone that I have never used, not even sure if it's on credit anymore because I never used... but going back when I did search I found a similar namef rom a company that I applied with maybe year or so ago from a pre-approval in the mail and I thought it was complete scam, we even saw the "CEO/PARTNER" Post on here in response to me but then would never post again... Are they the same company, just changing names and addresses and owners?

Had that happen to me before!

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Re: In a pinch w/finances---OneMain Financial/Firestone

I have a fairly decent income now even tho my credit is still low...average 615....and could see the light at the end of the tunnel and was holding my breath until I arrived. During the months of May, June, and July, I was paying 2 rents @ over 700 each because I moved 100 miles away to my new job and the old landlord wouldn't let me out of my lease.  But in July, my brother died and I had to borrow money to go from VA to AL to his funeral. I know the light is at the end of the tunnel because I once saw it but it just seems like it's getting further away than closer and yet, I know that I'm truely blessed to be this close.  I was surviving.....but today, my daughter's car was repossesed and I know that this will end up being a burden on me.  Of course I will help because of my grandson but sometimes I feel like I will die in the dark of exhaustion.  My goal in life is to be debt free and the only bills I have are living (one day mortgage), utility, basic cable, insurance, etc., and save everything else.  I want to improve my credit score simply so I can get a good rate when I go to purchase me a small house or condo.  Other than that, NO CREDIT!

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Re: In a pinch w/finances---OneMain Financial/Firestone

NewbieDerrick wrote:

Hi. So I've read too much on these boards and learned too much to admit what I did.  We've had a crazy/tough year w/everything U can imagine go wrong (family death, AC Unit went out, now truck is acting up, etc.).  We got some of those OneMain Financial offers in the mail & always thought how crazy they would be with their terms.  Then, I felt I had no choice but to apply for a personal loan (no collateral); I was approved @ 35% & only $1700.  I did it, and we are managing.  I am so embarrassed that I did this. 

So my truck was acting up (either transmission or starter); I app'd at Firestone after reading about it on these boards.  I was approved for $2400. 


Sometimes you have to do things that you know are not right after exhausting all other means.  I just wanted to share with others who might be in the same boat.

what do your scores look like right now?

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Re: In a pinch w/finances---OneMain Financial/Firestone

I hope the best for you and your family.  Nobody's perfect I'm not made alot of mistakes but I take it one day at a time thats all I can do. 


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