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In the market for a new CC

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In the market for a new CC

I'm currently looking for a new credit card. I'm looking for suggestions based on current bonuses being offered by CC company's such as $250 back when spending $2000 in 3 months etc and based on my credit history.

Oldest account - 6 years
AAOA - 2.9 years
Scores 710 - 720 across the board (fico)
Utilization 28%

Current cards;
Capital One Platinum MC - $5000 CL
Chase Visa (old wamu account) - $2500 CL
Chase Freedom Visa - $5000 CL
American Express Zync - NPSL

I'm looking to buy a MacBook Pro and maybe iPad or some other kind of tablet and am looking for the best sign up bonus / cash back along with the best quality card that I'm likely to qualify for.

Information is appreciated!
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Re: In the market for a new CC


Income is 48k and no baddies on report.
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Re: In the market for a new CC

I'd shoot for an Amex revolver. Not sure what their current promos are though.
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