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Incorrect Lender Pull?

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Incorrect Lender Pull?

Hi everyone,


I have better credit scores than I originally thought (681 Trans - pulled today, 725 Equifax - pulled 3/8/13). One of the biggest items bringing my scores down is the lack of revolving credit history. I have no credit cards, never have.


Every site I've used suggests at least having a credit card in order to improve my score/have better success acquiring a mortgage in a few years.


I applied for a Best Buy card and received a declined notice in the mail. They claim their pull on 3/10/13 resulted in a 323 score from Transunion.


Do you think they just looked up the incorrect SSN? I'm not sure what to do - I'm hesitate to apply for any additional cards if there's no chance of approval.


Both scores referenced above were pulled here, on MyFico.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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Re: Incorrect Lender Pull?

That's not a FICO score, FICO doesn't go that low.  That's some junk internal score they use. 

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Re: Incorrect Lender Pull?

Great to know! Freaked my out for a second.


Any good major CC's I can open that utilized Experian as a benchmark?


It's kind of BS that they're utilize 'internal scores. How am I supposed to keep tabs on that?

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Re: Incorrect Lender Pull?

BOA pulls EXP here in Tx!
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Re: Incorrect Lender Pull?

Probably some kind of credit card enhanced FICO they use internally.  Probably won't get a major with no CC history but you could look into a Cap One for Newcomers or use a local credit union.

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