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Increase Credit Limit

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Re: Increase Credit Limit

SevenNEW wrote:

xiownthisplacex wrote:

Thanks for the help everyone!

I currently have a Capital One Rewards card, but only with a $500, so I want to increase it in order to keep my ratio down. I have a secured card with them for a while and never missed a payment, so i don't know why they only gave me a $500 on this one.

On a side note, I have 7 inquiries since 1-1-11, should I risk asking for a limit raise?

You can try the 'luv' button on the web site, on which Cap 1 inmates joke a lot in this forum. If it gives you no love -- which is the rule -- you should not call, because the CSR is simply going to say what you read on the site. (Unless they do things differently with Rewards cards, which is perfectly possible.) At any rate, my experience is that calling Cap 1 never originated a hard pull -- heck, they never even listen to my request!

Does Cap1 have a love button?

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