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Indigo Platinum Froze my account

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Indigo Platinum Froze my account

Hello all-


I started rebuilding my credit last year so started off with the Indigo Platinum.  It is only a $300 CL.

Went to login to make a payment yesterday online and my account was not accessable.  I called the customer service number and they said they froze my old card and was sending me a new one, even though my card does not expire for 4 more months!  Is this common practice? That card does not have the new style chip so perhaps this is why.   If I happened to be stranded or needed another emergency purchase I would not of been able to use the card without warning.  At this point I will probably PIF and cancel due to this issue.  Just wondering if this is commonplace.  Thank you.

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Re: Indigo Platinum Froze my account

Sounds to me they believed the card to be compromised so they issued a new one. 

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