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Info on USAA CLI requests?

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Info on USAA CLI requests?

When I obtained a personal loan from USAA in July, I asked if the hard pull could be used for a CLI and was told I wasn't eligible until I'd had the card 6 months. He also said I'd have a "very good" chance of getting a CLI if I asked after my score was >700. It is currently 715. I will be asking Amex for a CLI on 9/29 (they soft my TU every month on the 28th) and then calling USAA to ask for a CLI. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do I ask for an amount or just an increase? If I ask for too much, do they counter or just reject? Do they ask reasons? Anyone asked for an interest rate reduction?


Sorry for all the questions, but I don't see much posted about them. Thanks.

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Re: Info on USAA CLI requests?

I asked for a CLI (from $4000 to $12000) and it was a HP and they countered with $10K on the AMEX CashRewards.



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