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Re: Inq's

Yeah, if you have, let's say, more than 6 or so, maybe.  But still, we are only talking about a few points, but yes it could look bad, and some have been denied credit based on EXCESSIVE inquiries.

Message Edited by mrscharlie on 06-24-2008 02:39 PM
TU-654 (6/9/08), EQ-660 (5/15/08), EX-?
TU-696 (9/1/08), EQ-702 (2/25/09), TU-700 (3/2/09)
TU-748 (6/4/09), EQ-746 (6/1/09)
TU-746 (7/7/09), EQ-749 (7/7/09), EXP-696 (7/7/09)
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Re: Inq's

well i have 23 total on my EQ was getting denied left in right along with my high util!
i need some off myself!
EXP- 692
TU- 673 3/10/08br>
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