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Inquiry sensitive lenders

Inquiry sensitive lenders

which lenders are inquiry sensitive?

Besides hurting fico score, I assume inquiries have psychological

effects on credit analysts at banks.

Well, inquiries are proof of "seeking credit"
I read on forum that citi is quite sensitive about inquiries.

More than likely to turn you down if you have 2 within a year.

What other lenders are sensitive?

Anybody had recent experiences of being turned down because you had inquiries?

If so, how many inquiries did you have?


Also, when does inquiry show up on your report after you apply for credit card/loan?


Always appreciate your valuable time and answer !!


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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

Citi is sensitive and chase to lesser degree. Barclays is after you get their card at least for the first 6 months.

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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

Barclays of course

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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

+1 Barclays

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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders


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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

barclay is not inquiry freindly they turn you down just because of that! Ive applied like three time and denied. GE is the best in my opinion.

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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

Crap1 is pretty INQ sensitive 4 their prime cards.

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Re: Inquiry sensitive lenders

Citi, Barclay, Amex, and BOA..... All inq. Sensitive
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