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Interest charges after paying off balance in full

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Re: Interest charges after paying off balance in full

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In my experience the interest is charged at the same time as the statement cutsThe only way to avoid this is to over pay; you can do that with Bill pay usuallyI use BofA.


Submit a payment with billpay for a few dollars more than you think the inertest charge will be.


Another way to do it would be to go buy something, pay off the balance, and then return the item producing a credit.

You have no ethical problem doing this? Knowingly buying something you have no intention on keeping? I hope you were just kidding.

It's not exactly unethical. On the other hands it's not exactly necessary.

this reminds when some charage $143  to get Home phone service for people with bad crediton my wamucard Disputed and it got credit, few months latter I relized I never made a payment that cycle . turns out the credit was larger then final balance , so not only did credit keep my account current also saved my grace period at time the account was a double cycle account which ment the credit was applied to older balance which left the newer balance , which why it took so to noite I didn't make a payment, because it just like I had.

People say "Only apply for credit you NEED"

I say "apply for credit you have PRATICAL use of"

I don't have AMEX card because I don't want a card that suffers from PMS
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