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Interesting AMEX Site

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Interesting AMEX Site

I was browsing around and came across all the cardholder agreements for the AMEX cards. It shows a different side of American Express in my opinion. First thing that caught my eye is that the ZYNC card is offered in 3 different kinds. 

Zync from American Express®

Online applicants who don't qualify for a standard ZYNC Card® may receive a Decline Counter Offer for another type of ZYNC Card. The card will have the same ZYNC benefits, but it will have a spending limit and it may require payment through an automatic debit of your bank account.


They also offer "Senior" cards to those with a certain number of years with them. who knew that they offered a 

Business Centurion® Card from American Express


Interesting read, shows you their whole card portfolio, just thought I'd share with ya'll.


Link: Cardholder Agreement




btw, the consumer centurion agreement is a good read. funny to see all the fee's and such disclosed. Give us more insight to the card and how many authorized user's are allowed, etc. Smiley Happy

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