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Interesting Email From Cap-1

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Re: Interesting Email From Cap-1

Got the same email! Wasn't sure what to make of it, as I open their emails and I also use the card. But, it's interesting reading about how we are being tracked with this type of techonology. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm. 

"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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Re: Interesting Email From Cap-1

I didn’t receive this email. Maybe because I just opened an account with them about 2 months ago?

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Captial One Terms

Have anyone notice this? I just got the email, what is this all about anyway?


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Re: Captial One Terms

I got this as well.  Find it a bit funny that it wasn't a "use our card once every 12 months" or else, type of thing; but instead of "pay attention to our emails" or else, type of thing.  Robot LOL

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