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Interesting Rejection Response From Chase

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Re: Interesting Rejection Response From Chase


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Re: Interesting Rejection Response From Chase

Well I tried for the Recon, but the analyst that I talked to said that she couldn't get me approved, due to the number of inquiries on the account.  That's the ONLY thing that

was holding me back from the Slate card, she said everything else, there was absolutely no problem with, my score and track record were fine.  Just those darned inquiries.  I may call again later this week to see if I can get a different Recon person. 


Now, here's an irony.  I also applied for, as my final ap of my spree, for a Bank of America Power Rewards Visa...and was APPROVED!  Got an initial $5000 CL, this was not instant on line, but was instant approval when I called in.  And guess what?  They pulled EXPERIAN!  What are the chances??  All of my pulls have been EX with one exception. time to go into gardening mode for a year or two.  I got what I wanted, so I'm happy about that. 

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