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Interesting about AMEX lates...

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Re: Interesting about AMEX lates...

If a due date appears to be "before" the statement date, it's because it's the due date for the balance on the previous statement.


So statement date on Sept 5, due date Sept 30, statement date Oct 5 <-- that Sept 30 due date is for whatever was on your Sept 5 statement.


The October 5 statement will include whatever you didn't pay that you owed on the Sept 5 statement, plus any charges that have posted since the Sept 5 statement dropped.

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Re: Interesting about AMEX lates...

Well, I agree....I normally wouldn't have let a $25 balance be reported...but they snuck the AF for my first ZYNC statement of $25 right before the statement cut, I previously had a balance of 0 a couple days before the statement cut, and then bam, I get an email saying my statement is ready and $25 will be due by Oct yeah that's how that happened, they just posted it right there on the last day...normally I'd prefer to always have 0 report at statement date, and have 0 due on "payment due date" yes if you do play this game, you pretty much make up your own payment date I suppose.

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Re: Interesting about AMEX lates...

In the future save yourself this hassle and just direct AMEX to draft the PIF amount from your selected checking account.  It'll come out on the due date and alleviates you having to remember a date.  Have never had a problem with this situation, and you always get a notice from AMEX as to when the payment will come out and the contact information if you have any dispute with the total that will come out of your checking account.  I know some people don't like giving companies authority to draft payments from your account but people do this all the time with mortgage and life insurance payments with no problems.

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Re: Interesting about AMEX lates...

networkguy wrote:

score_building wrote:

networkguy wrote:

The pay by date online is NOT your actual payment due date. Your due date is usually one day before your closing date.

Folklore?  Had heard something like this before but when I posted a thread about it, the overall consensus was the due is the date.

Call Amex and ask instead of reading what people think. When I talked to them 8 or 9 months ago about this very issue, it is what they told me. My statement closes on the 27th, by "due date" is the 13th of the next month, but have until the 26th to pay before its considered late. Its not folklore.

Thanks for the reply, it sounds like they give a grace period up until the day before the end of the statement period but I'm not going to test it out. It was the conflicting info received when calling Amex that led me to try for some f/b at the forum.  


In any case, generally pay off all cc at least 10 days before the due date for my own peace of mind but like to know about any issuer specific variance with respect to lateness and reporting.  IIRC a few of my CU have indicated they generally give anywhere from a 3 to10 day grace period before charging a late fee. 

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Re: Interesting about AMEX lates...

ArisGreek wrote:

So I just logged in to AMEX and went to schedule my payment for my JetBlue AMEX only to find that it was due on 10/4 not 10/7!!! I've never made this mistake EVER. So I frantically called AMEX. The rep said, "Oh don't worry sir, we do not report until 120 days so AMEX is a bit generous in that respect. We will waive your late fee, take a payment over the phone, and I will assure you no penalty APR will affect you at all." I'm like, "really? You guys rock!" She continued on saying, "Not to worry, it happens once in a while and since you've been with us for almost 4 years, always pay in full for the most part, and have multiple products with us we are more than happy to assist you." 


This makes me feel good. Phew Smiley Happy

Just to point out even if companies do charge you a late fee they  dont start reporting it to credit bureaus unless min of 30 days late, but I guess it could affect you internally, I know you said 120 days, but what I am saying any creit card will not report something 5 days late

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