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Irrationally Upset

New Contributor

Irrationally Upset

Okay, just wanted to make a pointless little rant.


The history: I closed on my house on Nov. 18th. That same day, I bought carpet and was seduced by the "no payments, no interest till 2010" so I app'ed for a credit card through GEMB. Came back as pending, I paid for the carpet using my LOC (which I will PIF before the end of December). After that point, I didn't want or need the new credit card that would just eventually be closed for inactivity.


However, today I got a denial letter and I'm a bit blue about it. The reasons listed were: AAoA, low number of accounts currently being paid as agreed, low number of accounts, and no mortgage references on CR. They pulled Exp - my score is 760 with no baddies. That isn't an ambiguous score. I suspect that the mortgage references thing really did it since I checked "own" on the application, but there wasn't a box to check "for the past two hours" so it looked like I was lying to make myself look better. Still, I'm irrationally a little bummed that I got denied for a cc, even one that I really didn't want now. Thanks for listening to my stupid, stupid rant. (on the bright side, I received my new Nat'l City Rewards VISA with a $5K CL, so that took the sting out)

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