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Is BB&T Slow to Post CC Transactions?

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Is BB&T Slow to Post CC Transactions?

I used the card on 6/11/19 to purchase TSA PreCheck.

The payment was approved because I have the receipt and the payment wasn't declined when they swiped the card. But I didn't think it would take this long to show on my account.

With my other cards, the payment immediately appears as at least "pending."

As of 8/31/20

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Re: Is BB&T Slow to Post CC Transactions?

Have a few cards by them, but dont use them enough to really answer.. Charge will show up in a few days, but slow that is all defined by what one considers slow they aren't like Amex/Chase fast, but I have seen slower to actually come out of pending such as Discover.

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Re: Is BB&T Slow to Post CC Transactions?

OP, more than likely it’s occuring on the vendor processing side and not BB&T at all. 

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