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Is Chase "Executive Line" same as EO?

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Re: Is Chase "Executive Line" same as EO?

I did get two SM's from "Sr. Service Specialists" (whatever that means) confirming the conversion will happen but no idea of when. And seeing that my CSP and others are getting their cards converted to MC's still, it may be a long way off. The longer time before that all happens, the better for me so I can garden and wait for my scores to go back up. I opened too many cards this year (6 total, 4 of them just with Chase) eeks.


You are right about having access for two months during conversion, that's what was told to me by the CSR and what's happening to my CSP as it's going through the conversion.



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Re: Is Chase "Executive Line" same as EO?

I think it will be fine. You should have quite a large time window to pick up other MasterCard replacements. How many more months till those accounts become >1 year old?
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Re: Is Chase "Executive Line" same as EO?

I opened the 3 Chase cards from April 30 to May 28, the last Chase was in August and the Saks WEMC upgrade this month so the last one will turn 1 year in October. The only other card I may ever need is a chip and pin, so I will be looking for a MC version, without FTF I guess sometime next year.

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