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Is Chevron still BK friendly?

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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

We had 60 days to pay it including legal costs and we did so in 45. It was filed and cleared with the courts before our deadline. It should not have been on our report at all. It said right in the ruling we had 60 days to pay. We did through the courts and I sent the documents with the court stamp to the cred. burs. and it was removed about a year later. Except for TU..... Half the time they tell me they don't even have record of my social, so who knows!
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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

In reply to BK's .... I understand there are many kinds and many reasons for filing. I have been keeping books for small businesses for about 15 years, trust me I have seen it all. I have seen people who get grants from the gov to start buz, then file bk then get 'investors' to start another, go bk again, etc..... same for personal bk, I watched my ex brother in law file three times over a dozen years, all for credit debt. His own fault. He should not have been able to file the third time and buy two houses interium. I blame the lax rules for that! Isn't getting bailed out once good enough for some ppl?


Thanks for responding all the same, nice to know people actually read this stuff!


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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

Hey, thanks for reminding me to be gentle. I like to think of it as kharma.  For all these years that I could not get a credit card..... Well I am not in debt in a very bad economy so hey no hard feelings here. While all my freinds and co-workers cant afford to go on vacation because their ARMS went up or they are in a mile high mountain of credti card debt... we are going on our third vacation this year. We also were able to re-fi our home for rock bottom, while they could not.


Credit is only what you make it... You can live with out a credit card.. Now if I could only stop smoking!


Have a good holiday everyone!

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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

Well.. Since I can't help myself......... I think if everyone has an open mind we would know with out a doubt that I would not mention one harsh word of someone filing for BK FOR A GOOD REASON. Common sense would tell me right off the bat that given the economical situation our then and now PRESIDENTS have us in would lead us to believe that rules for all sorts of financial situations need to be reassessed. Frankly I was sincerely trying to give people hope that DOING THE RIGHT THING does get rewarded. Mind you that there are plenty more people that take advantage of the bk rules and get away with it and make it much harder for those who need to file be able to. That should be what riles you, not those who speak up and offer optimism or that you are not alone in your situation.


Again, have a good weekend, and try not to stress over little ole me.

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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

Frankly speaking, I don't care why people do what they do it is none of my business. I have too much business of my own to tend to,  I do not have the time or the energy to judge someone else's situation. I'M TOO BUSY. Since your new to these forums, let me try to educate you on how we work together. We simple try to help each other, we don't judge, criticize, or put down, one another. We educate, inform and support, each other. What works for one person may not work for someone else, so we share the information so someone else can possibly avoid the negative outcome. In this economy major companies that were a key part our survival are filing BK. If you are fortunate enough to not have to, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! And stay healthy, but just know that one catastrophic situation can have you staring down the nose of the trustee trying to recover your life's work. So don't be so quick to judge, stay busy.

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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

favor4me2 wrote:
Update......I took the plunge and apped for the Dilliards card today and received a cl of $250 I called the cust serv # and requested a recon and the underwriter raised it to $500. I also apped for the Chevron gas card and to my surprised got approved for the Visa card for $950!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay!  Thanks for posting - this is great info re: Chevron.
Just puttin' syrup on something, don't make it pancakes.
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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

10-4, favor2me2 Smiley Happy


I have postings elsewhere if you would like to follow those as well. If you aren't TOO BUSY Smiley Happy  Its great to hear your opinion! Love your food for thought! Doesn't hurt my feelings!


I have also listed how I removed my Judgement from the record earlier in post to aid those that said they could not when I was asked how I did it.


I also have new postings with the backdoor numbers that not many people have updated this year (2009) with my recent findings too. (new numbers etc...) If you find the need or the time.


Have an awesome holiday!



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Re: Is Chevron still BK friendly?

Well, id like to go on record saying that I was not trying to belittle anyome who has filed. You do what u gotta do


I was merely saying that I chose to pay my debts, yet i still cant get a card that a person who has filed for BK can. I dont think that is fair, but tis life i suppose


I also dont think JamJam was trying to say that people file for BK because they dont want to pay their bills. Like me, she was just saying that it is hard for us to obtain credit and we actually have paid our bills off. Might be a charge off that i paid, but it is paid.


I understand why many people file for Bk, but i know of someone in the same instance as Jam who filed because she didnt want to pay her debt. My mother filed and paid EVERYTHING off because all she needed is the creditors off of her back to she could get some time to do so. She wasn't looking for someone to extinguish them.



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