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Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?

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Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?

I'm in the garden until at least April of 2019 and possibly 2020. I've been raising CLs and lowering APRs in the interim. However, I continue to examine cards for their benefits, rewards and their ability to increase my aggregate credit.  Around these forums I've seen mention that NFCU tends to give the biggest SLs. I have several cards with CLs in the >10K and <20K range. My scores are good (and will be much better once I get Util. back under 8.9%)  and no derogs. With the recent removal of an old Amex card from my reports, my AAoA has plunged to under 2 years - one of the many reasons I'm in the garden. So, what do you think? Given a nice long rest from apps and a dramatic improvement in DPs, should an NFCU card be my next app?   

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Re: Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?

NFCU gives large SLs to people with low DTI ratios and sufficient income to support the SLs. 


They can be kind of conservative on SLs when they are getting to know you but they grow quickly. 


The biggest SLs I have been seeing for new and existing customers alike are for the Flagship. 15-25K seems pretty standard for that card, especially DTI and income supporting it. 


I started with $3000 in September and now I have two cards for a total of $14700 and a $500 CLOC (because that’s what I asked for) in December. 

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Re: Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?


If you're able to become a member, by all means do so. I’ve been a member going on 11 years and I LOVE NFCU.

Before I became a MyFICO member in 2016, I had one $4K CL NFCU Platinum and a $1K NFCU CLOC. I didn’t even know you could have more than one NFCU CC and had never heard of requesting CLIs.

I still to this day recall how floored I was when I applied for the cashRewards card and was instantly approved for $15K. I asked for a CLI on my Plat and it went to $7.5K.

Yep, definitely join. Because even if you start out with a low SL, the potential for rapid growth is exponential as long as the DTI is there and other cards are not maxed out.

DEC 2019: EX 816, TU 820, EQ 810
DEC 2018: EX 777, TU 783, EQ 799

|| AmX Cash Magnet $40.5K || NFCU CashRewards $30K || Discover IT $24.7K || Macy's $20K || NFCU CLOC $15K || CitiCostco $12.7K || NFCU Platinum $12.5K || Apple Card $6.5K ||
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Re: Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?

Best bank from all the cards I have so far highest limit. I just got another card from them the flagship and was approved for 25k instantly, the other card i have has a 25k limit also. My boyfriend also has 2 cards with them and they also are the highest limits for the  cards cards he has. 

12/23/18 [Experian-Fico 799][TU-Fico799][Equifax-Fico786]
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Re: Is It True that NFCU grants the largest SLs?

For those with more down-to-earth profiles and incomes, yes NFCU can be one of the most generous lenders.  However, they do have caps on the amount of revolving credit they'll extend for personal credit cards ($80k total, no more than $50k on any individual card or $80k on Flagship) so for those that could be eligible for higher credit lines, the answer to your question would be that they fall below the big banks for some people.  At $24,000, my Flagship remains my highest starting line so far.  But for DW, her $23,300 starting line on NFCU Platinum was beat by both Amex and Chase. 


While the starting lines can be larger than many other lenders, I haven't found them to be massive growers if you start out with a high credit line to begin with.  It's been 21 months since we opened ours.  Mine is in a very distant 3-way tie for 2nd place in my card limits at $35k, and DW's at $31.3k is her 5th highest limit, but less than 1/3 her highest.

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