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Is USAA worth the effort

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Is USAA worth the effort

My Dad served in the Navy during WWII, did his 24 months left with a honroable discharge, and did another 3 years with the Coast Guard and got a BCD  ( he decided that he was tired of it and just went AWOL he was like 22 at the time yes it was stupid  he served 30 days in the brigg) not sure if this disqualifies him  or not.  He is now 84, and never joined USAA, is it worth it for him to join. I would even put up the initial deposit for him. Then I would be qualified for a full membership.


Seems like a nice credit union not as nice as NFCU but is it  still worth it  because my dad would have to join as well. 






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Re: Is USAA worth the effort

First off, quick FYI: it's a bank not a CU, so you don't get a share account or anything like that, and when I joined I didn't get a HP (i'm not sure about full members, but I've never heard of them doing a HP), which is nice, since a credit union will do a HP almost always just for membership and a savings/checking account. 


In order for you to qualify for full membership (even if he was eligible with his AWOL and everything), he would have to purchase a P&C product, otherwise you don't qualify for full membership, only partial. And as to whether or not he is eligible, I would just call up and ask them, I assume he is, he was still honorabily discharged from the navy, I'm not sure if that AWOL puts a flag on his record or something though.


Best of Luck! Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Is USAA worth the effort

I bank with both and have credit with both. Both have excellent customer service and are open late....not your standard banker's hours......yes its very well worth the effort.

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Re: Is USAA worth the effort

I'm guessing a bad conduct discharge would disqualify him - it renders one ineligible for veterans' benefits. USAA specifies "honorably separated" so I'm guessing no.

He might be able to pull the wool over their eyes by showing the DD214 from the Navy discharge, but...well..I'll let you be the judge if that is ethical.

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Re: Is USAA worth the effort

I would say if his 214 has a dishonorable remark, it would disqualify him. You might want to join as a partial member.


But I would talk to a supervisor and explain the situation. Be honest and see if they can get in you in as a full member.

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Re: Is USAA worth the effort

First of all, I'd like to say, I did the same thing as your father in the early 8o's( I have an honorable from the Army) and I am a member of USAA ,still have a vet mortgage, and use the VA health ceters all the time.  A BCD isn't the same as a DD.  It only keeps you from re-enlisting.  Hope this helps.

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